Patch Testing

Welcome to our cosmetics patch testing page! Let's make sure your skin and our products are the perfect match. Here's how to do a quick and easy patch test:

1. Pick a test zone: Choose a small area on your inner arm or behind your ear. This will be your secret testing ground!

2. Clean and dry: Give the test zone a gentle wash and pat it dry with a towel. Get it squeaky clean!

3. Dab and spread: Apply a tiny amount of the product to the test zone. Use a cotton swab or your clean finger to spread it out evenly. Just a little dab will do!

4. Wait and chill: Let the product hang out on your test zone for 24-48 hours. Resist the urge to touch or wash it off – it's bonding time!

5. Observe and decide: Check your test zone for any signs of trouble like redness, irritation, or unwanted surprises. If all looks good, you're good to go!


- Patch tests are like a first date for your skin and the product – a chance to see if they're compatible.

- Test one product at a time, because you never know how your skin might react.

- Patch tests aren't foolproof, so keep an eye out for any changes or discomfort after using the product.

If you have any questions or need assistance, our team is here to help. Happy patch testing and may your skin find its perfect match!